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Gamatronic Centric 480

Info & Details


The Centric 480 is a true online three phase 480V UPS system that provides a modular, scalable solution for expanding power backup. This system uses 30kVA modules and can be expanded in 30kVA increments from 30kVA to 240kVA.The Centric 480 was designed specifically for the North American market’s unique specifications and has UL certification.



•Online double-conversion architecture

•AC-AC efficiency up 96.1%

•High power density with a space saving footprint

•Transformerless design

•Compatible with 3-wire and 4-wire infrastructure

•State of the art touchscreen controller with a user-friendly interface


•Modular design enables simple and easy scalability on site without disconnecting the UPS from the load or transferring to bypass.

•This system requires minimal servicing due to the system’s hot-swap design. Each module is controlled independently and can be replaced within minutes, with no interruption to the load.

Suitable Applications

The Centric 480 is suitable for use in:

•Small to medium sized data centers

•Server farms

•Computer rooms

•Medical facilities

•Communications centers

•Security systems