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Gamatronic Centric 208

Info & Details

Centric 208V UPSs offer uninterruptible power supply that can accommodate on your needs.Comprised of two different UPSs systems, Gamatronic’s Centric 208V family of products includes:

• Centric 208V 60kVA/54kW with internal batteries

• Centric 208V 160kVA/144kW with external batteries


•Internal batteries and allows to save

•space for 60kVA/54kW units

•Provides back up time

•Uses 20Ah batteries

•19” cabinet 42U rack


•High power density

•Small footprint

•All major components are hot swappable

•Built in maintenance bypass

•Easy to maintain

•Smart and user-friendly system controller


•Online double-conversion architecture.

•User-friendly interface.

•AC-AC efficiency up to 94%.

•Small footprint.

•Transformerless design.

•Compatible with 3-wire and 4-wire infrastructure