TME Series


208V/220V UL Listed

High efficiency and unity output power factor for true hot-swappable modular architecture. Scaling ability up to 270kW with N+X redundancy.

TLE Series UPS

225-1500kW 60Hz UL Listed

Providing world-class energy efficiency up to 97% in double conversion mode and 99% in eBoost operating mode across the operating load range.

LP33 Series II UPS

15-100kVA UL Listed

208/120VAC. Transformerless UPS design for the 60Hz regions, up to 98% efficient. Suitable for IT, Telecom, and Critical Power applications.

SG Series UPS

10-750kVA 60Hz

A high efficiency design and provides fast step/transient load response while eliminating single points of failure. Suitable for use in large enterprise class data networks.

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