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Universal Power Solutions approach to Turnkey Solutions encompasses every aspect of your critical power needs. Our professional team obtains all required information to provide the best design for your budget. With decades of experience with products and service we are able to provide the most reliable components to allow the best longevity and most reliable solution.


We begin by gathering all information required to ensure the appropriate engineered solution is achieved for the client.


Once this information and power requirements are obtained our team will begin piecing together each electrical component to provide the best compatibility. With partners and the ability to create custom cabinets we can provide the best equipment to meet your budget while including the aesthetic value.

As professionals in the field we are able to create a design that is practical and realistic. We take our efforts to focus on location, local effecting elements for example drip shield protection from fire suppression systems. We consider hardware height, power consumption, and heat dissipation. Cooling requirements if needed, potential downtime for new installation, availability , reliability, and scalability  requirements.

Once we have all factors into consideration we begin a concept design to meet the customers satisfaction and requirements and present all technical specifications and engineering designs for approval.

Upon approval we provide a scope of work in which we outline the build process and installment.

The final process consists of the start up and commissioning of your critical power system. We follow strict procedures to ensure all equipment is running efficiently and seamlessly with each component. As this is the most crucial phase we provide a detailed report of all mechanical and electrical tests allowing the customer to have full confidence and it meets all parameters and expectations.

The last and final step is to hand you the "keys" providing all equipment documentation and onsite training for local staff if requested. We will also provide recommendations for ongoing service and preventative maintenance.