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The B60US-IB offers a true online battery double-conversion VFI topology and SolarEdge’s modular architecture.

B60US-IB is a best-in-class comprehensive and high compact power solution comprised of an internal battery bank for up to 10 minutes of back up time.  The B60US-IB can be scaled up to 60KVA per system and expanded in parallel up to 240kVA.

The system is comprised of modular lightweight hot swappable 20kVA/18kW AC power modules. The system supports 208Vac grid and provides reliable high-performance power assurance for small to medium sized critical loads with a small space-saving footprint thanks to its high-power density.

The B60US-IB is suitable for use in data centers, computer labs, medical facilities, communication centers, industrial & manufacturing, transportation control centers, academic & research institutes, and security systems.

Modularity is at the heart of the system. To scale the unit, 20kW power modules can be installed as needed, according to the demands of the critical load. Hot swap technology allows these components to be added without disconnecting the load or transferring to bypass.

The B60US-IB is designed for N + 1 redundancy. It provides reliable, clean, regulated AC power at an attractive price. For users with greater power requirements, up to four B60US-IB units can be operated in parallel configuration, for four times the power.

The B60US-IB’s vertical and horizontal modularity reduces down time and provides a fault tolerant power source to critical loads, making it a great choice for your critical applications.

Key Benefits

  • True online battery, double conversion VFI topology

  • 60kVA/54kW base with internal batteries (3 x 32 x 20Ah)

  • Easy to scale modular design

  • 1 to 3 modular lightweight hot swappable 20kVA/18kW AC power modules

  • Fail-safe system controller

  • Removable static switch module

  • High efficiency:

    • Up to 95% in double conversion mode

    • Up to 99% in ECO mode

  • Compatible with 4-wire grids + Gnd

  • Parallel system capability up to 240kVA/216kW

  • 48V power supply output for connecting to Shunt trip coil 

  • Self-loading mode eliminates the need for external load banks

  • Internal oscilloscope

  • User-friendly and intuitive 7″ touchscreen interface

SolarEdge B60

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