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Universal Power Solutions Inc. is one of Canada’s largest UPS service providers.  Our qualified nationwide service team installs and maintains all Riello, SolarEdge, Tripp-Lite and ABB/GE UPS products we sell, as well as a wide range of products including but not limited to Eaton (Powerware/Exide), Vertiv (Emerson/Liebert), APC/Schneider, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and legacy Gamatronic.


Professional service technicians available to design, install and perform startup & commissioning for your new UPS or DC systems.  Once our team has completed all tasks and checks, an overview of the start up will be completed; indicating all readings and system checks, it allows our customers to have a formal report to ensure their system has had a full point inspection, all mechanical checks have been completed, and electrical readings are within proper parameters to your specifications and requirements.  


Universal Power offers a wide range of services to suit your needs.  From scheduled Preventive Maintenance inspections to a variety of levels of service contracts.  Our qualified service technicians are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency needs. Our professionals provide OEM-level service to your UPS and battery systems providing our recommendations and our concerns if any arise.  We retain a large inventory of commonly replaced parts and we understand the importance of critical power, always striving to keep your systems running optimal and downtime minimal.


With multiple testing options available, we gather the information needed to efficiently assess your batteries.  As batteries are most commonly the weakest link within any critical power system we see almost 80-90% of UPS failures caused by poor battery service or lack their of.  Our battery services consist of multiple elements and a detailed report of such gathered information. This allows us to present you with all the necessary information as to where your batteries life expectancy stands and proper recommendations to prevent premature failure.


As we all know heat is always the enemy with UPS components and batteries.  Thermal imaging allows us to detect hot spots in circuits, resistors, poor connections and possible faulty electrical components before they reach failure.  Thermal imaging emits an infrared lighting allowing the detection of discrepancies in temperature. We find utilizing this testing useful in all aspects of your critical power solution whether specifically the UPS, DC power plant, electrical panels, switch gear cabinets or combined. Preventing possible failures due to mechanical failure or electrical fires.  


Universal Power Solutions offers customers complete project management and consulting services.  Our team will discover all of your critical power needs and create a solution from initial thoughts, to design, to testing and start up & commissioning of your UPS or DC system.  Our qualified professionals have extensive knowledge and experience to find the best products to suit your needs and will provide you with the best solution to eliminates high risk points of failure.  We will focus our efforts on providing you with the best system for your budget, timelines and critical power requirements.  

Universal Power Solutions UPS

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